A Short Update

As you can see, mtomerlin.com has a new design. Still working out a few kinks, but hopefully it’s a little more pleasing than the last. I intend to do more updates in the coming weeks, as I’ve been entirely too neglectful of this blog. Look for more irritable reviews of big movies and big television shows. Gotham is coming to Fox next week, and if that doesn’t blow my skirt up there will be hell to pay.

Scarlet Devil (or The Scarlet Devil… the “the” comes and goes, depending on how I feel from day to day), is coming along nicely, but is still a ways off. I’m not rushing it as I did the previous two books, which somehow, against all odds, turned out fairly decent. I’ve made a lot of changes to the first draft. It continues to evolve. Some new developments should make Devil’s Fire fans very happy. Though I maintain that this is a standalone story that could be read with no knowledge of the previous books, some loose threads from The Devil’s Horizon will pay off in this novel.

I’ve also started dabbling in Mojave Shadow again, my elusive horror western that was on its way, and then wasn’t. It’s not dead. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out K.M. Aleena’s stunning review of The Devil’s Tide, which brought a tear to my eye.

  • Thanks for mentioning my review! I honestly can’t wait to read The Scarlet Devil (regardless of the fact that I’m still reading book three.) Best of luck with the process. I know it can be the worst some days to sit at the keyboard or pick up the pen. Also, love the new design of the site! Keep Writing!

    • Matt Tomerlin

      Thank you for taking the time to read the books and review them! Yeah, writing can be an incredibly masochistic task… especially writing the coffin chapter you mentioned (I panic as I’m writing drowning scenes). That said, at times like this it’s very rewarding.

      • Wow! Well, it definitely turned out amazingly! So congrats to that! And here’s a small story in regards to masochistic writing: My friend and I participated in camp NaNoWriMo last July, and all we did was work, sleep, eat and write. Basically. Well, I killed off one of my characters during one session of writing as much as humanly possible after work one night, and the entire time I read it back to my friend, I was visibly shaking. I hadn’t ever written anything so violent before in my life. It was because of this scene that I’ve gone back to rewrite and add in more details since that day. In the end, it’s worth it. I think. I hope! Anyway! Best of luck! 😀

        • Matt Tomerlin

          That’s great! I’ve heard NaNoWriMo is about as stressful as it gets. The unfortunate thing is stress translates to genuinely intense writing.