“The Devil’s Horizon” Preview Chapter: Meet Gabe Jenkins

3_DEVILSHORIZON_NEWTo make the wait a little less painful, here’s a preview chapter from The Devil’s Horizon, introducing the character of Gabe Jenkins. Enjoy!



Astrid was a pretty thing, as long as she smiled with her mouth closed. Her big crooked teeth marred an otherwise youthful, slender face, framed in full golden locks that curled without any incentive and rested on porcelain shoulders. She had big brown eyes and full red lips, ripe for kissing. Her bosom didn’t exactly fill his hands, and her hips were too narrow, but her lovemaking was always so energetic that Gabe was willing to forgive her physical scarcities. When it was his turn to take control, he grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over. She shrieked with delight as he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. He exhaled into her ear. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she gasped, reaching back to rake her nails along his thigh. Continue reading


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An impenetrable black plume of smoke lifted from the center of Ranger’s deck into the clear morning sky. The pirate sloop had come to rest in a yawning inlet carved in the center of an island shaped like a horseshoe. The lake sat just beyond a long narrow channel that was flanked by treacherous rocky hills sloping in a steep, uneven V into the water. Apart from a white beach that lined the outer rim, and a few scattered coconut trees, the island was mostly barren rock.

James Lancaster surmised his wounded prey from the quarterdeck of HMS Advance, the tails of his standard issue blue coat flapping in the wind. He lifted his tricorn hat long enough to adjust the stubborn white wig beneath it, and then fitted the hat back in place. The curled locks were heavy with sweat, nudging his powdered cheeks every time he turned his head. The sun was particularly merciless today, especially for early February, and it was only three hours after dawn. Continue reading


New Sample Chapter from “The Devil’s Tide”


“Get to safety, you fool!” Hornigold bellowed. “That man’s already dead!”

The surgeon either hadn’t heard Hornigold, or was deliberately ignoring him. The surgeon was scrambling through the wave as it cascaded over the deck, stubbornly trying to get to a deckhand that was pinned beneath a fallen yardarm. If the pool of blood that spread from the man’s compressed torso was any indication, he was well beyond saving.

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“The Devil’s Fire” First Chapter

Katherine Lindsay pressed her legs against the bulwark and peered into the cold blue waters of the North Atlantic, hoping to locate her often heralded beauty within the rippling reflection that gazed back.

An emaciated figure, ghostly pale skin, and insipidly plain features were a tax on her self-esteem. Bodices did not accentuate her breasts as nicely as most of the women she knew. She credited flattering remarks to the striking mane of red hair that curled naturally about her head and spilled down to her waist, forging an illusion of beauty by cloaking the abnormalities. Her hair was a wicked burden of tangles that she fastened as best she could, but the wild tresses were as much a curse as they were a fiery splendor. Continue reading