SCARLET DEVIL Is Available Now in Kindle & Paperback!

It’s been a long wait, but SCARLET DEVIL is finally here. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. It required a lot of research, and it takes things in a new direction. I had no desire to write the same book a fourth time, but I’m pleased to bring Kate back with a vengeance. I put her through the ringer this time, but she’s a resilient heroine. Hopefully she will forgive me.

Official Synopsis:

As agents of the Crown hunt the last pirates of the Caribbean toward extinction, Captain Kate Warlowe and the treacherous crew of the Scarlet Devil search for an uncharted island where a fabled lost city supposedly yields limitless fortune. What they find is far more terrifying than a walk to the gallows. The haunted people of an ancient civilization linger in the shadows, led by a mysterious man with a forgotten destiny. Separated from her crew and fighting for her sanity in a place where nothing makes sense, the intrepid Captain Warlowe must keep her wits if she is going to survive the dangers lurking around every corner.


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