You can finally hold The Devil’s Fire in your hands…

df_adYou have no idea how long I’ve waited to make that pun.


It’s been a long time coming, but The Devil’s Fire: Book One is now available in a beautiful trade paperback edition! Not everyone likes Kindle ebooks. Some people want to hold a product in their hands and smell the pages. Now you can. Books are as old as time, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

I’ve enjoyed great sales and received emails from countless Kate Lindsay fans. Many of you have asked for a physical version of the book, and this is for you.¬†For me, the book has been made real at last. It’s no longer just digital air.

The book is now available on Amazon and will be available in bookstores in 2014, including Barnes and Noble. The more people that ask for the book, the more stock bookstores will order. So when you’re in your local bookstore, be sure to inquire about it!

The sequels will follow in the coming weeks. Keep a weather eye on, or

1397993_605276172863714_411214889_oOfficial synopsis:

The waters of the Caribbean run red in this brutal tale of revenge during the Golden Age of Piracy. Katherine Lindsay, the pampered young wife of a wealthy ship captain, has left her leisurely life in London to accompany her husband to America. So far, their journey has been uneventful, even boring. But when ruthless pirates suddenly storm the ship to plunder her husband’s riches, Katherine is one of the treasures they steal, sparking a bloody chain of events that will alter the course of piracy in the Caribbean forever. Pirate and adventure lovers will find no shortage of treachery, cutlass duels, ship battles, buried treasure and much, much more.