Fierce women, cover art, and The Devil’s Horizon

Cover art by Brendon Mroz

Cover art by Brendon Mroz

I recently sat down with Danielle Lenee Davis for an interview about the upcoming book. Check it out!

Your female characters, especially Katherine (Kate), are smart, strong, and ruthless. I love it!  Kate needed to evolve in order to survive, but was her strength and ruthlessness your original intention when you started the story?

 I  knew Katherine would have to shed much of her innocence in order to survive. And       not just survive, but assuage her guilt and learn to respect herself. Over the course of the first book, she often surprised me. Some readers did not appreciate her final decision, and I won’t tell them they are wrong to feel that way. Kate became her own person in that moment. I did not plan that ending out in advance, it just happened as I was writing the final chapter. When I wrote the final line of dialogue, I knew it was the right choice for the story, thematically. I don’t believe a central character should always do what the reader would do.

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Check out WORDPRENEUR’S feature on my novels:

Wordpreneur did a nice write up on my publishing history:

When he was between jobs several years back, Matt started researching pirates in great detail and decided to write a dark and realistic pirate novel. He had always been fascinated with pirates, and like everyone is a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride. He finished a rough draft, let a few friends read it, and then forgot all about it after landing a new job.

He did not revisit the book until 2011, when he noticed the ebook industry was booming. He quickly began polishing the novel, adding detail where he felt it moved too quickly, and wrote a few more chapters. “It was helpful to have a fresh perspective on it after so many years,” he says. Later that year, he published The Devil’s Fire on the Amazon Kindle platform and watched it gradually build momentum in sales. It wasn’t long before enthusiastic readers were demanding a sequel!

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Booksliced.com: Matt Tomerlin’s Dream Cast for The Devil’s Fire

I had the opportunity to sit down with Booksliced.com and discuss my ideal cast for The Devil’s Fire:

The heroine, Katherine Lindsay would require a young, fearless actress who is able to effectively portray the character’s emotional journey and evolution. At the end of the story, Katherine is barely recognizable from the timid girl in the first chapter. A daring, versatile actress like Emilia Clarke, who currently plays Daenerys on Game of Thrones, would be best. Another great choice would be Lyndsy Fonseca, who is demonstrating a lot of range on Nikita.

Several readers have told me they picture Daniel Craig as Captain Jonathan Griffith, and I can’t argue with that one. Griffith is commanding, charming, deadly, and sometimes vulnerable. I think Craig has effectively conveyed all of these qualities in his various roles.

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Louise James and Matt Tomerlin discuss The Devil’s Fire and The Devil’s Tide!

“Arr Maties, welcome aboard the pirate ship of Captain Jonathon Griffith. Don’t touch anything and beware of the captain; he might make us walk the plank. Author Matt Tomerlin is our guide this weekend. We’ll stay close to him since he is in good ranks with the crew. Matt is going to tell us about his new release and how he weaved his tale.”

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Interview with “An Avid Reader’s Haven” blog:

Reader’s Haven:  Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?
Matt: They’re all different, but I do tend to focus on a hero/heroine who starts as a blank slate, not really knowing who they are, and discovers their place in the world when they are forced to survive. I love epic character arcs, such as Al Pacino in “The Godfather.” It isn’t until the very last scene of that film that you realize what Michael has become. 
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